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The in-orbit delivery ceremony of Alcomsat-1 was held on April 1 at the headquarters of Algeria Space Agency (ASAL); the In-Orbit Delivery & Final Acceptance Certificate was signed.

Director General of ASAL dizhiand the other representatives, Director General of TDA, Director General of ATS, Vice President of CASC along with the representatives of CALT, CAST, Chinasatcom and CGWIC attended the ceremony.

Alcomsat-1 was launched on Dec. 11, 2017 by LM-3B from Xichang Satellite Center. After several maneuvers, it reached the orbital location of 24.8°W. Following the IOAR which was accomplished after the in-orbit test, ASAL confirmed that the in-orbit delivery occurred on March 1.

The Alcomsat-1 is the ninth telecommunication satellite delivered to the international client by China Aerospace; it is also the first cooperation with Algeria in aerospace industry.

The Alcomsat-1 satellite program is the first communications satellite program of Algeria. It covers the Algerian territory and the surrounding area, will be mainly used in the fields of broadcast, emergency communications, remote education, e-government, enterprise communications, satellite broadband, and satellite based augmentation system application, etc.