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On November 6, 2018, China Great Wall Industry Corporation (“CGWIC”), which is a subsidiary company of China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation, and APT Mobile SatCom (HK) Limited (“APSATCOM”) and APT Satellite Company Limited (“APT (HK)”) formally held the Signing Ceremony of “Letter of Intent in APSTAR SMALL GEO Communication Satellites System”(“Letter of Intent”). President of APSATCOM Mr. Li Jie, Vice President of APT (HK) Mr. Chen Xun and Vice President of CGWIC Mr. Fu Zhiheng completed the Letter of Intent signing.

The three parties shall develop The APSTAR SMALL GEO Communication Satellites System based on Dong Fang Hong-4 Full-electric SMALL GEO Platform (“DFH-4F SMALL GEO Platform”) with all electric propulsion, a general communication satellite platform designed by China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) suitable for small-size payload with mature technology and high-qualified research & development process, cost-efficient launch services and high-efficiency ground delivery schedule according to analysis by CGWIC of current domestic and international space market trend. With the lift-off mass of 1000kg (maximum of 1300kg) and full electric propulsion design, the platform is capable to carry 300kg (maximum of 450kg), an equivalent to 15-25 active transponders or to be designed as a high-throughput satellite (HTS) payload, achieving an end-of-life payload power of 3kW(maximum of 4.5kW). The design operation life of small GEO satellite can meet the basic requirements of minimum 15 years in consistent with large and medium-sized communications satellites.

The satellite designed by DFH-4F SMALL GEO Platform can be compatible with medium capacity launch vehicles of Long March Family with high-efficiency and high-reliability, and its ground control system is highly commercialized, combined with high-quality satellite support services and competitive launch and in-orbit insurance arrangements. As the supplier and prime contractor, CGWIC is devoted to provide quality in-orbit delivery comprehensive solution to domestic and international customers based on DFH-4F SMALL GEO Platform.

APSATCOM, APT (HK) and CGWIC have conducted several rounds of technical communication on the first satellite of the APSTAR small satellite communication system and preliminarily agreed that the first satellite will be designed as a Ku-band multi-beam high-throughput satellite. As one of the APSTAR Global high-throughput satellite communications systems, it will provide satellite broadband communication services for both fixed and mobile application.
The procurement contract of first satellite will be signed after the completion of the technical and business coordination.

Profiles of Signatory

APSATCOM (HK) Limited is a subsidiary of APT Mobile SatCom (Shenzhen) Limited, which is a joint venture company established in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of the PRC for the purpose of developing the HTS System under new allocated orbital spectrums. The business scopes of APSATCOM include the construction and operation of satellite communication system, and the services of satellite space segment, satellite fixed and mobile communications, the connection of network, the network and the system integration and technical consultations and so on.

APSATCOM has invested to construct a global wideband satellite communication system that will consist of four high-throughput satellites with geostationary orbits and terrestrial networks. First of the four satellites APSTAR 6D, is under construction and has successfully passed satellite Critical Design Review (CDR). It is expected to be launched in 2019.

On Oct 1st, 2018, APSATCOM has officially launched global maritime satellite communication network, by creatively integrating high-quality global satellite resources from CHINASATCOM, APT and Intelsat etc. This network will provide flexible, reliable, secure and controllable global satellite communications services to support intelligence shipping management and improve customers’ business efficiency.

APT (HK) is principally engaged in the maintenance, operation and provision of satellite transponder capacity and related services; satellite broadcasting and telecommunications services; and other related services.  APT (HK) is indirectly interested in 30% of the equity interest in APSATCOM. Its “APSTAR” satellites covers approximately 75% of the world's population in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia, providing high quality one-stop satellite transponder services for broadcasting and communications customers in these regions, as well as broadcasting, satellite communications, teleport and data center services.

APT (HK) has a long term and good relationship with CGWIC. Since the launch of the APSTAR-1 on 21 July 1994, APSTAR has procured Long March launch services eight times and satellite in-orbit delivery services three times from CGWIC.

Established in 1980, China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) is the sole commercial organization authorized by the Chinese government to provide commercial launch services, satellite systems and to carry out space technology cooperation. It is a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

As the professional company promoting international cooperation for China’s space industry, CGWIC is devoted to the internationalized development of China’s space industry. CGWIC has developed into a system integrator for space products and services. It can meet customers’ multi-directional needs by providing comprehensive solutions for commercial launch services, satellite export, satellite ground tracking and control station construction, satellite applications, project financing, project insurance and technical training, etc. Through extensive international cooperation, CGWIC enjoys an excellent reputation in the international aerospace industry, the financial community and the insurance circle.

CGWIC has completed ten projects on the in-orbit delivery of DFH-4 communication satellite to international customers. And it exported DFH-4 series communication satellite to eight countries and regions including Nigeria, Venezuela, Pakistan, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Laos and Belarus. The maturity and reliability of DFH-4 series communications satellites have been fully validated and gradually gained wide recognitions from more international mature operators and customers.