Belarus State University Appreciates CGWIC for BSUSat-1's Successful Launch The current page: Home -> News

On 08:43,October 29th, 2018,the successful launch of Sino-France CFSat with LM-2C in Jiuquan Launch Center, it is also a successful piggyback of CubeBel-1(BSUSat-1) developed by Belarus State University. BSUSat-1 is started normally, and operating in good status. It is also the 97th anniversary of Belarus State University, the successful launch is also a significant event for the anniversary celebration.

Belarus State University President Andrei Karol wrote a letter to appreciate the involvement and support CGWIC has contributed to the BSUS at successful launch.

In the letter, Prof. Andrei Karol said, space technologies belong to the most promising and challenging research in the modern world. The CubeBel-1(BSUSat-1) opens a wide range of opportunities for the world research community to share data result and will favorably contribute into the development of space science on both the national and international levels. It will develop the partnership and promote educational and scientific cooperation between two countries.