CAST Satellite Platform

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CAST-100 Platform
. Orbit: SSO, Near Circular Orbit, LEO
. Output Power: 200 W
. Payload Mass: 40%-50% of satellite mass
. Service Life:  5 Years

CAST-1000 Platform
. Orbit: LEO, MEO, HEO
. Output Power: 600 W
. Payload Mass: 300-600 Kg
. Service Life:  5 years

CAST-2000 Platform
. Orbit: LEO, MEO, HEO
. Output Power: 900 W
. Payload Mass: 300-600 Kg
. Service Life:  5 years


CAST 2000 Satellite Platform

CAST 2000����ƽ̨ Overview

CAST2000 is a compact satellite platform characterized by its high performance, expandability and flexibility. It is fitted with an S-band TT&C sub-system, X-band data transmission sub-system and 3-axis attitude stabilization, and is able to offer highly precise control, large-range sway maneuver, flexible orbit maneuver, highly integrated housekeeping and highly effective power supply.

This platform has already been successfully applied in several Chinese small satellites, including the OceanSat-1A, 1B and Huanjing-A, B satellites, and its performance and reliability have proven to be excellent.

Technical Specifications

No. Item Details
1 Orbit type Low, Medium, High
2 Service life span ≥ 3 years
3 Attitude Measurement Accuracy ≤ 0.03° (3 sigma)
4 Attitude Control Accuracy ≤ 0.1° (3 sigma)
5 Attitude Stability ≤ 0.001°/s (3 sigma)
6 Solar Array Output Power ≥ 1 KW (BOL)
≥ 900W (EOL)
7 Bus Mass 200-400kg
8 Payload Capability 300-600kg
9 Attitude Control Mode 3-axis Stabilisation,
Sway Maneuver Capability
10 Areas of Application
  • Earth Observation
  • Technology Demonstration
  • Scientific Exploration
  • Earth Environmental Exploration
  • Meteorological Research and Application
  • Communications
  • Navigation

On May26, 2011, CGWIC and Venezuelan Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) signed a contract for VRSS-1 remote sensing satellite program. The VRSS-1 satellite is manufactured on the basis of CAST 2000 satellite platform, it was successfully launched on September 29, 2012, and was delivered in orbit to Venezuelan Ministry of People's Power of Science, Technology and Innovation on September 2,2013.