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The LM-3B launch vehicle is developed by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), upon the extensive heritage of the mature and flight-proven technology of the Long March family. LM-3B launch vehicle, the most powerful launch vehicle for GTO mission in Long March fleet at present, takes the LM-3A as the core stage with four liquid boosters strapped on the first stage. LM-3B enhanced version is capable of launching a payload up to 5,500 kg into standard GTO.

This mission is the 35th flight of LM-3B, and the 71th flight of LM-3A series launch vehicle.


1. Fairing
2. SC
3. Payload Adapter
4. Vehicle Equipment Bay
5. LH2 Tank
6. LOX Tank
7. Inter-stage Section
8. Third Stage Engine
9. Second Stage Oxidizer Tank
10. Inter-tank Section
11. Second Stage Fuel Tank
12. Second Stage Vernier Engine
13. Second Stage Main Engine
14. Inter-stage Section
15. First Stage Oxidizer Tank
16. Inter-tank Section
17. First Stage Fuel Tank
18. First Stage Engine
19. Booster's Nose
20. Booster's Oxidizer Tank
21. Booster's Fuel Tank
22. Stabilizer
23. Booster's Engine


No. Flight Events Time(s)
1 Lift-off 0.0000
2 Pitch-over 11.0000
3 Boosters Separation 141.0363
4 Stage-1/Stage-2 Separation 159.3670
5 Fairing Jettison 234.9670
6 Stage-2/Stage-3 Separation 344.1670
7 First Shut-off of Stage-3 616.5848
8 Restart of Stage-3 1,260.0848
9 Second Shut-off of Stage-3 1,442.8991
10 Attitude Adjustment 1,462. 8991
11 SC/LV Separation 1,542. 8991


No. Time Events
1 L-7hrs LV Stage-3 LOX/ LH2 Fueling
2 L-80min LV Control System Power on & Functional Checkout; Gas Pipe Connectors for Stage-1, Stage-2 & Boosters Drop-off
3 L-60min LV Telemetry System Power on & Functional Checkout
4 L-40min Stopping & Disconnecting of Fairing Air-conditioning Accurate Aiming; Flight Data Presetting & Checking
5 L-22min Stage-3 Engines Pre-cooling
6 L-15min LV Third Stage Propellants Topping
7 L-15~10min SC Umbilical Disconnection
8 L-4min Telemetry & Tracking Systems Power Switch-over Fueling Pipes Disconnection of LV Stage-3
9 L-2min Gas Pipes Disconnection of LV Stage-3
10 L-100sec Control System Power Switch-over
11 L-60sec Umbilical Disconnections of Control System & TT&C Swing off of Supporting Arms of Umbilical Tower
12 L-30sec TT&C Systems Starting
13 L-5sec Camera on
14 0 sec Ignition