MOU of "Joint construct HONGYAN-SAT Constellation" project has been signed by Beijing Tengyuxinwei Technology Co., Ltd. and Thailand Kasetsart University The current page: Home -> News

November 27th 2017, under the government cooperation framework of China and Thailand. Through the effort of both governments, Beijing Tengyuxinwei Technology Co., Ltd.(BTTCL) affiliated to China Great Wall Industry Corporation(CGWIC) signed MOU of ‘HONGYAN-SAT Joint Development’with Thailand Kasetsart University(KU). In this MOU, BTTCL and KU will cooperate in the area of HONGYAN-SAT construction, ground infrastructure, constellation application, capability establishment of space technology, big data sharing, etc. MOU will help KU to build small satellite construction capability, cultivate engineering and operation team, boost development of the space technology and related industry in Thailand, and serve Thailand 4.0 national strategy accordingly.

According to the MOU, KU and BTTCL agree to help KU to create R&D capability of small LEO satellites and cultivate professional satellite engineering and operation team for KU. Project will be initiated from 2018, and satellite will be put into space in the year 2019.

Hongyan-Sat constellation is an open commercial satellite system, and we are willing to develop all-round cooperation with all the country and industry of the world.

HONGYAN-SAT International Cooperation Propose

Area Category Project Content Remark
Business cooperation Operation cooperation Joint Establish operation company Operate Hongyan-Sat Profit sharing
Finance cooperation Invest operation company Join equity financing Earn profit
Manufacture authorization Terminal manufacture Joint manufacture Profit sharing
Naming of satellite Naming of satellite Data sharing
Engineering Cooperation Space segment Joint construct constellation Base on the blue print of Constellation, Joint construct constellation Establish capability, provide components of the satellite and piggybacking opportunity
Ground segment Establish ground station Base on the blue print of Constellation system Joint construct Ground station Sharing local big data